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A logical conclusion: Vulcans=Asians

So AzN.

This fervent, unapologetic geek was very pleased last Tuesday to receive her pre-ordered copy of Star Trek Reboot. The next week or so was spent viewing and savoring the delicious nerdy goodness. I even coerced the roomie and Lisa into watching it–both of them sat down thinking they’d just humor me for a few minutes, and then…excellent.

This film confirmed a long-lingering suspicion that has dogged me since I first began watching Star Trek: Vulcans are Asians.

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Center stage 2!!

As I was standing in the hallway of my ballet studio last night, I glanced at the bulletin board and saw…drumroll…an audition announcement for CENTER STAGE 2!!!

Center Stage was in no way a good film. But it was high camp with pretty pretty ballerinas…who could resist? I spent many a snowy evening at Dartmouth huddled in my room watching dance melodrama with friends. For me, there’s more than a little nostalgia involved in Center Stage. Despite such gems as “I’m the best goddamn dancer in the American Ballet Academy! Who the hell are you?! Nobody!”, the movie had heart…even if that heart was sparkly with wee prancing unicorns inside it.

Naturally, the sequel will be awful; but you know you’re going to see it. Resistance is futile.


I checked the board again and it looks like Peter Gallagher and Ethan Stiefel will be reprising their roles in Center Stage 2. They’re casting for two female characters (one nice, one snob) and one young man. I think it will be pretty similar to the first film; a girl with “heart”, and an uppity chick (Maureen in the first; they’re calling her “Suzanne” in this movie).