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New digital camera!

Introducing my new digital camera, the Canon A460. I love it. It’s so excitin’! Of course I don’t plan to abandon my faithful Nikon N80, which will be used from now on mainly for artsy black and white film photos. This Canon will be used for day-to-day snappage.

And what better way to demonstrate its capabilities than through FOOD? Here’s the tomato-egg soup I whipped up today.

tomato soup

What I love most about it is its super macro function, which lets me get absolutely gorgeous closeups:
tomato closeup!

More to come for SURE.

black and white photography

Need to get back into portraits. I took my camera to the Ragtime period ball at Powell library last night and–hopefully-got some good shots of dancing feet. But my favorite thing is still portraiture, and here’s one of my favorites, of the lovely Miss V. P.: