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La la la Human Steps and Ultima Vez

Thanks to Lisa (and Erik, for being out of town), I had the wonderful fortune to see two dance ensembles recently: La La La Human Steps and Ultima Vez. It was a joy to go with Lisa and Ying, who both love dance.

First, some thoughts on Human Steps: the show itself attempted the deconstruction of certain classical ballets, including The Sleeping Beauty and Giselle (I think). Naturally, narrative is eviscerated. What is singular about Human Steps is the precision and speed of their steps; they take the smoothness of classical ballet and quicken the movement: there are no lingering pliés, and every pirouette is more of a taut snap than a luxurious rotation. What might be construed as a “modern” style, however, seems to me an actually fairly conservative (and appreciative) interpretation of classical ballet. Continue reading