Wandering apricot: a bit of a mish-mash, a hodgepodge, salmagondis.

I like ballet. I have a series of posts about adult ballet.

I like reading, particularly science fiction.

I am a sometime-academic, full-time corporate cog.

Sometimes there are pictures.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. lakesgirl

    omigosh! how freeeekin hilarious! thank goodness these have been preserved for posterity. what about looking like a clown whore, though?!
    your new blog is thrilling….

  2. Stacy

    Hi! I came across your blog while research dance blogs for Dance/USA, the national service organization for concert dance. The annual conference will be in San Francisco this June, and I noticed you happen to be a local. Would you be interested in receiving information from us in the future about this event (or future offerings) for your blog? Thanks for the help!

  3. balletbrit

    Hi. I love reading the ballet parts of your blog and would LOVE to know and chat with you even if only via email. I’ve been practicing ballet off and on for most of my life. Though I’m not much good at it, I find that it’s probably the one thing I’m bad at but enjoy very much. I’m also TOTALLY with you and some of your readers in regards to classical ballet wear. I have NO ISSUES wearing a shirt and tights to class (I’m male).


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