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Happy holidays!

This made my holiday season. It has everything this blog loves: the adult beginner dancer (Stephen Colbert), Asian American ballet dancers (Hee Seo), and amazing technique (David Halberg). Stephen’s tours en l’air are not too shabby for a ballet newbie, don’t you think?!

In the other news category:

It’s been a zany past few months. I can tell you that I’ve moved in with Mr. Apricot, purchased and furnished an entire house, and acquired an adorable if exhausting puppy (Chewbacca). Some major life changes, but all for the best and things are finally starting to feel normal again. Today, for instance, was spent baking cheesecake, eating Christina Tosi’s astonishing corn cookies, and introducing Chewbacca to swimming for the first time. Which, of course, led to the obligate bath, and an afternoon nap.

I’ve been attending the intermediate ballet class at work (yes, awesomely enough, my employer offers beginning/intermediate ballet classes at its gym. Also, jazz!). But that’s barely enough to maintain technique. One of my new year’s resolutions is to start going to ballet again at least twice a week. Dear readers, do you have any ballet (or general life-related) resolutions for 2012?