Asian and Asian American ballet dancers: Alex Wong

Alex Wong first caught my eye when I was watching So You Think You Can Dance last year. His audition video was a shocker:

The SYTYCD audition piece was his Prix de Lausanne free variation, called Capture of the Tiger:

Wong is a Canadian dancer, the first ever to win the Prix de Lausanne in 2004. He joined ABT after his win, but eventually ended up with the Miami City Ballet. I believe he’s a principal soloist at this point in time. (After a rather awful and weird ejection from the SYTYCD competition as MCB refused to let him out of his contract)

He somehow manages to be adorable and fierce at the same time. Quite possibly because of the awesome, hilarious videos in his “___ dancers gone haywire” series that he posts on youtube:

Single ladies in Don Quixote costume!

Mortal Kombat!

I hear we’ll be seeing Alex again this season of SYTYCD, starting sometime in May. I’ll be watching and cheering him on :).

In other news, life is good and I have no reason for complaint, at least until I flunk my quals in a few weeks. I should have more time to post after I’ve been kicked out of graduate school. Onwards and upwards!

4 thoughts on “Asian and Asian American ballet dancers: Alex Wong

  1. William

    Thanks for posting Alex’s dance pieces. They are absolutely hilarious. Yes, Alex is in the SYTYCD 2010. Wish him good luck.


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