Where do you take class?

I am composing a list of places where adults can take ballet class.


Where do you take class? Who’s your favorite teacher? Any other notes or thoughts about this studio? Leave me a note in the comments and I will add it to the list. Anywhere in the world is welcome–please give state or country, and website if possible (a phone number would be great if the studio has no website). So far, all I have are places where I’ve taken class. So I’d welcome other contributions.

Share your joy. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Where do you take class?

  1. Johanna

    I take class in Helsinki, Finland. The studio is called Tanssikeskus (Dance-center) Footlight. You can check out the spaces and class-descriptions on my blog too. My favorite teachers are Gabriella S. and Marie-Pierre G. Both teach in the tradition of the French School, G with added Bournonville – her first teacher was a soloist at Royal Danish Ballet. Marie-Pierre, who herself was a principal dancer at the same RDB until 2008, is very much influenced by Balanchine, but the Danish influence is strong as well. Other than their cool CV, these teachers impress the hell out of me because they are demanding, meticulous, pushy in the best way, energetic, and inspiring beyond! They really see the potential in each (adult) dancer. Long before you do. They both like to give lots of coorections, also individual and hands-on. If you want challenge yourself in a positive and encouraging class, there are no better teachers to learn from!

  2. Helen

    I take all of my adult dance lessons at Limelight Dance Studio in Wyomissing, PA. Great teachers, caring staff, very knowledgable in their field!!!

  3. gtassarotti

    Albany Dance & Fitness in Albany, NY offers dance and fitness classes for adults and teens. There are daytime, evening, and weekend classes. Dance genres offered are Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Belly Dance, Lyrical. Many levels – even Ballet classes for Seniors. http://www.albanydancefitness.com/

  4. Jeff

    Neat! I started taking ballet about four months ago. You already have the two places I’ve taken class so far: LINES and ODC in San Francisco. Bay Area represent! (I also took one class at Anaheim Ballet while I was on vacation recently.)

  5. Jenniferc

    I second Berkeley Ballet Theaer and Xiao Liu-Moore teaches a wonderful adv beginning/ intermediate class there. Deborah Moss is a fantastic beginning ballet teacher, focusing on technique in a warm class, particularly great for the newbies.

    I also love leeWei Chao’s int/adv class at Lines, its so dancey but tends to be packed since its so popular. I recommend this class only for the more advanced folks.

    I am visitig South Korea right now and have taken class at Seoul Tanz Station (www.seoultanzstation.com) I love Kwak Yoon-Mi teacher, so nice and friendly, can’t speak too much English but threw in a few words to help me understand her corrections. Former dancer with the Korean national ballet, her adv beginner class was pretty basic so I will check out her adv class next week.

  6. Lisa

    I take adult ballet 2 nights a week at The Children’s Center for Dance Education in Evansville, IN. Brandon the instructor is wonderfull, he uses fun music, and is very patient.

  7. Toni Jenkins

    I go to the Wanganui Ballet and Dance Academy in New Zealand We are taught by Fay Wilbur, who trained at White Lodge and the Rambert Ballet Academy, and she is great as she is encouraging, demanding and make class fun to boot! We dance in the end of year show with the kids, and I feel like I learn something new every class.

  8. lalatina

    Right now I am taking classes in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The school is called Pirueta and they have lessons for all levels and ages. I love this place! http://www.pirueta.si/
    I also took lessons with Jacqueline Bongers (DanceWorks studio) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She’s a very good teacher! http://www.balletlessenjacquelinebongers.nl/klassiek.html
    I did a summer intensive in Madrid, Spain at the Ecole Française de Danse (amazing!) http://www.ecolefrancaisededanse.com/

    All wonderful schools and teachers that I recommed to anyone who is travelling/lives around Europe 🙂

  9. Lindsay Louise

    I take classes at International Academy of Dance ( http://www.iadance.com/ ) in Santa Cruz, CA, USA. I have only had class with Melanie Useldinger, but she is awesome. I love this studio, they even make it comfortable to take the open classes where all ages are mixed (i.e., class with children who dance better than you, haha). They also have just-for-adults classes.

  10. Shannon

    I take classes in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. My favorite place is St Paul City Ballet http://www.spcballet.org/. You are treated like a serious ballet student even as an adult beginner. Georgia is a great teacher, classes are low stress but she expects the best out of you! Another place in the area is Zenon http://www.zenondance.org/. Teachers here are nice but more informal. Students seem more casual although they have many different classes available. Ballet Royale is in a suburb and has limited classes for adults http://www.balletroyalemn.org/. The classes are well done but much more expensive than the others.


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