Can you imagine taking class here?

This is the Guangzhou Opera House. What a beautiful studio!

I’ve taken class in a wide range of studios. My first was really lovely, with floor-ceiling windows and wonderful sprung floors. Then there was the dismal community college studio with cement (ouch!) floors, and the tiny studio with no windows at a small neighborhood studio in a strip mall. I take class now in a studio that’s part of a theater (converted from a gorgeous, wood church). It’s very old-fashioned, creaky, and has a lot of historical character.

Overall, though, I prefer the shiny, sleek, modern studios (see above photo!). Being that adult classes are hard to find in any case, I’m just glad that I have the chance to take them at all. What’s your favorite studio?

5 thoughts on “Can you imagine taking class here?

  1. Ms Ivy

    My favorite studio I’ve ever taken a class from was part of the Orlando Ballet Theater’s studio. It was set right next to the train that went through and it came through quite frequently during classes!

  2. Katharine

    Wow! That’s such a beautiful space. Most of my classes have been in rather small sweaty studios with wobbly barres, or, in one place, no barre at all. But the best place I’ve taken class was in one of the studios at the Royal Opera House, London. When I was able to dance more regularly I joined a recreational class there for a while, but the standard was so high I only felt I could do it when I was dancing several times a week. Two children under 4 now and I’m back to once a week at the local community dance studio…such is life…I love seeing it on tv or in pictures and thinking ‘I’ve danced there!’

  3. Dawn

    Hey there! I’m visiting GZ for business in a week and am looking for intermediate level ballet class for adult. I’d DIE to dance in this place! Do you have any info on class time and fee? Please email me! Much thanks!

    Dawn from San Francisco


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