La Roux: Bulletproof

Strangely mesmerizing. Also, is it wrong for thinking that Elly Jackson is…attractive? Her androgyny is oddly beautiful/handsome. What’s interesting is that with a certain kind of styling, she could be really stunning in a feminine way, but this genderbending look is far more distinctive.

I can’t stop watching this.

Also, it is extremely danceable.

5 thoughts on “La Roux: Bulletproof

    1. apricot Post author

      Well I’m sure it was voiceover’d when they filmed the music video. But maybe this was purposeful–to add to the artificiality of it all? It does seem like the artificial is a big element in her work.

      Also: TILDA SWINTON! That’s who she reminds me of, except that I find Tilda Swinton terrifying, and Elly Jackson attractive. I feel like Tilda Swinton might kill me, eat me, and wear my skin. Jackson…less so. 🙂


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